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Feb 4, 2013 4:00am PST
with the reform of our educational delivery system. 70% of our kids are in charter schools in orleans parish, which is a tremendous growth in time for many purposes. and the medical industry, i think, has great opportunity. we are building a $200 million medical complex that will be the home of the veterans administration. new orleans has recently been ranked as one of the top entrepreneurial hubs in the country, so, we really see ourselves as a city that's on the move. one of the fastest growing cities from an economic standpoint in the nation. there is a lot happening and to participate in here now. > one of the areas of strength has been the restaurant industry. tell us about that. > > that is an interesting fact. we had about 800 hundred restaurants prior to hurricane katrina. since katrina we are now well over 1300 restaurants. so, i think that says a lot about our appetites, but also a lot about the visitation that has occurred in the city as we grow back our economy through visitation. we are trending very well in increasing our tourism each year, and also a lot of chefs have gone off
Feb 7, 2013 4:00am PST
staff them and operate them and that is what we are especially good at. that's the education of these new tools." salar soroori is researching a biomedical project. he says the 3d printing technology offers real cost savings for the healthcare industry. "we can make these discs at very low costs and very fast so that the turn-around time from design to the testing level is very short. we're showing the manufacturing capabilities in the biomedical area and we use this machinery to facilitate that kind of research." the obama administration is proposing to put $1 billion into opening up to 15 new manufacturing innovation institutes to help make american industry more competitive and encourage investment in the u.s. "they're looking at the drop in gdp and manufacturing and how that has affected that, and they have a very bold and progressive plan to move manufacturing forward." > > rapid tech has helped over 900 companies with their manufacturing needs for parts like these, and ed tackett says that this is only the beginning. "we're starting to see a grassroots - if you will - m
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2